Anxiety A to Z

Eating for Anxiety

Soothe my Mood

Diet is a no-brainer. The better you treat your body, the better your body will treat you. Make sure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fast food, processed foods and too much sugar can have a negative impact on your health and mental wellbeing.


Lettuce is a natural tranquiliser. It contains a chemical called lactucin, which helps to induce a state of relaxation.

Grapes help to detoxify the body and provide instant energy. The darker the colour, the better.

Sunflower seeds
These little guys are packed with nutrients such as iron, vitamin B and vitamin E. These seeds also have a sedating effect. Keep a small stash in your handbag or pocket as an emergency snack.

A natural mood stabiliser due to their magnesium content. Beetroot also contains a vitamin called betaine, which helps to produce serotonin.

This vegetable is a therapeutic antidote for stress. When you’re feeling highly strung, nibble on a couple of carrot sticks. Add celery sticks for variety.

They’re packed with potassium, magnesium and tryptophan – an amino acid known to promote sleep.

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